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Science Mini-Lab Review

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It’s About Time is pleased to offer a Florida customized test preparation solution to ensure that students in grades eight and eleven are prepared for the Florida Science Tests.  Science Mini-Lab Review was developed by Lynn Mederos; National Board Certified Teacher (and Teacher of the Year) in Orange County, FL.

  • Designed for all 8th grade students and 11th grade students scoring at levels 1 and 2.
  • 30 mini-labs can be completed in six to nine 50-minute periods.
  • All annually assessed FL benchmarks are addressed “at least” twice.
  • Content benchmarks are reviewed and addressed multiple times.
  • Students work in small groups building 21st century skills.

Program Components

  • Teacher’s Resource Manual with Explicit and Easy-to-Follow Instructions for implementing 30 min-labs.
  • Student Lab Activity Booklets Student instructions and data record sheets for the mini-labs.
  • Material Kits for Mini-Lab Stations. Complete kits developed and distributed by It’s About Time. Everything you need to implement 30 activities.
  • Teacher Training to strengthen content and pedagogy.