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Engineering the Future

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Through Engineering the Future’s™ (EtF) practical real-world connections, students have an opportunity to see how science, mathematics, and engineering are part of their everyday world. Engineering the Future™ was  created by the Museum of Science, Boston through its National Center for Technological Literacy®.

Engineering the Future™ students learn like engineers.

Students take on the role of engineers and apply the engineering design process to define and solve problems by inventing and improving products, processes, and systems. They begin to understand the relationships among STEM concepts and practices.

Engineering the Future™ students learn how technology affects society.

Students develop an understanding of how advances in technology affect human society and how human society determines which new technologies will be developed.

Engineering the Future™ students learn and apply energy concepts

The concept of energy is fundamental to all of the sciences, but it is also challenging to learn. To build a useful mental model of energy, students learn to apply the same energy principles to thermal, fluid, and electrical systems.